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Henrik & Co.
Henrik & Co.

Henrik & Co. offers a highly appealing combination of interior design and procurement services. As a division of Henricksen, one of the largest commercial furniture dealerships in the country, Henrik & Co. has the procurement power of a large $250 million dollar dealership, while being able to stay singularly focused on the unique needs of senior living and multifamily housing projects. This rare combination provides clients with real value, easing your budgets and responsibilities, as Henrik & Co. streamlines pricing, communication, and project management, providing great quality and real satisfaction. We work in three different ways:

Interior Design / Specification / Procurement

Henrik & Co.

For clients seeking a talented design team and the streamlined process of working with our in-house specification and procurement services. At Henrik & Co., interior design is about creating vibrant environments that support flourishing and meaningful lives. We do extensive research, learning about the surrounding community, informing our design and creating interiors that feel familiar and specific to the area. We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach, crafting truly unique and highly marketable solutions for every project we work on. Henrik & Co. interior design is noteworthy for its stylish, comforting, purposeful and sustainable results.

We understand our clients’ budgets and how to effectively design to a range of price points, from affordable to high-end entry fee models. We will propose design solutions appropriate for your specific budget.

Henrik & Co.

Specification / Procurement

For clients with an interior design team but in need of FF&E. Henrik & Co. are specification experts and know how to write and stick to budgets. Our approach is collaborative — we want to understand the design intent and add value. We follow a thorough process, meeting with all the team players and writing a meticulous plan.

We also provide project management and installation services with this project type (for all categories we procure, including furniture, window treatments, indoor signage and artwork and accessories). Our team works closely with the contractor to assure timing of measurements, inspections and installations to get your community up an running as soon as possible. 

Procurement Only

For clients that have an interior design team that will specify the FF&E. Partnering with Henrik & Co. offers you the purchasing power of Henricksen and access to pricing like no other. We can provide project management or installation services as needed.